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Where can I find phone covers for the S5? I know its an old phone but if anyone has any experience please tell me

asked Jun 25 in Technology by anonymous
I'm travelling abroad and I'm getting my girlfriend some goodies, like a phone cover and some other accessories. Problem is she has an S5 which is a really old phone, do you know where I can find ones that sell old phone covers, I'm also looking for those keychain-like things that you can hang from your phone, so any recommendations are appreciated.

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3 Answers

answered Jun 25 by Alphanso (6,120 points)
fashion mill salmiya first floor
answered Jun 26 by anonymous
If you buy her an S7 or a used S8 you will be get more points ;).
answered Jun 26 by anonymous
Hawally ibn khaldoun street. Good luck with the parking!
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