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Where can I find a shop that sells sous vide machine?

asked Jun 30 in Technology by anonymous
I’m looking for a shop that sells sous vide machines and mainly has the uk 220v plug. I mainly want a anova but I’m fine with other suggestions. Also if you have the US works in Kuwait please tell me.

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1 Answer

answered Jun 30 by Mark (61,580 points)
Did you check with Tavola? Also amazon UK might delivery to kuwait
commented Jul 1 by Ali
Haven’t checked Tavola also amazon UK does not deliver to kuwait. I have checked otherwise I would not be searching. So far I only found 1 that sell anova sous vide however it’s the US version by a website called Desertcart
commented Jul 1 by Mark (61,580 points)
then just ship it to you UK mailbox. if you don't have one set one up https://mybox.postaplus.com/UserDashboard.aspx
its KD7 one time fee
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