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Will e-sim work soon in kuwait for apple watch 3 cellular

asked Jul 6 in Technology by Emil

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4 Answers

answered Oct 10 by Ahmad
Zain and Ooredoo indicated that it might be operational by next year.
answered Oct 15 by Kuwait (4,610 points)
Ooredoo had announced a month ago that they have successfully tested e-sim, but there hasn't been anything after that.

"Next year" is 2 months away... anything firm when ooredoo will support e-sim?
answered Oct 15 by Union Jack
What exactly is "e-sim"?.....seriously folks, I honestly do not know what it is.
commented Oct 15 by anonymous
Do you know google?
answered Oct 25 by Kuwait (4,610 points)
Any announcement from Ooredoo? And how does one sign up for e-sim?
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