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Anyone know if Slickwraps/dbrand like mobile skins are available anywhere in Kuwait?

asked Aug 8 in Technology by iPhone skins
Hi, I need a mobile skin for iPhone 10, like the kind seen on Slickwraps/dbrand


Would anyone know where I can find them?

Thankyou so much

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2 Answers

answered Aug 8 by Sh
These kind of things are always online. As far as I know there is nothing similar in Kuwait.

Moreover Dbrand quality can't be matched. Order them online. It delivers in a week to Kuwait.
commented Aug 8 by anonymous
Which delivery service does dbrand use? I ordered via Slickwraps once and they use USPS and that is so frustrating.
commented Aug 9 by anonymous
USPS or FedEx if you pay a 2-3 Kd extra.
answered Aug 9 by DJN (1,870 points)
Dbrand is awesome. Have been using it since many years now. Order direct from website.
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