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Best and most reliable place to repair water damaged 2016 macbook

asked Sep 8, 2018 in Technology by anonymous
Considering Digits workshop and service center in Shuwaikh but I know they got ripoff prices and can be clueless and unreliable.

Also if anyone has any idea where I can buy a ifix kit with the special screwdrivers to fix apple computer products and isopropyl alchohol for electronics and Silica gel packets to remove moisture.

I’m just worried I’m gonna lose my files.

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1 Answer

answered Sep 8, 2018 by Mark (64,520 points)
The best and most reliable place is the Digits workshop.

The cheapest way, on the other hand, is to do it yourself. You don't need the ifix kit, Ace Hardware has all the torx sizes you need.
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