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Where can I get the best semi-auto cooffee machine options in Kuwat (like Breville or Gaggia)?

asked Sep 29, 2018 in Food by Salah
I need a coffee machine that is good enough to prepare coffee using Arabica’s% beans.

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2 Answers

answered Sep 29, 2018 by Mark (70,020 points)
No Breville in Kuwait order your machine from Amazon.co.uk, it will cost you less than what it costs in the UK (ps Breville is called SAGE in the UK). Thats what all my friends did.

commented Sep 29, 2018 by Salah
Yeah I read that post and I wish I can get it, but even with this such a bargain, that model is a little over my budget. But, can I still get the same good prices if I decided to order any coffee machine? Or does that work with Breville machines only?
commented Sep 29, 2018 by Mark (70,020 points)
Only reason I suggested Breville machines is because you specifically asked for them in your title.

If you’re looking for more affordable machines, Best Electronics are the dealers for DeLonghi
commented Sep 29, 2018 by Salah
Ah, ok great i’ll check Best later. Yeah I still would like to have Breville, and the Oracle too, but Thought since it’s expensive I might search for lower Breville models in Kuwait but with the essential specs to make good coffee. I have a feeling that I’ll be disappointed with all the machines available in Kuwait after my research on what a machine needs to be to pull that good espresso shot. Thus I will probably end up ordering something online. Thanks!
commented Sep 29, 2018 by Mark (70,020 points)
You don't have to order the Oracle, you can order any other one of their machines, the Amazon UK VAT thing works for all their products not just Breville, and not just the Breville Oracle.

We've got some great coffee machine brands in Kuwait (most coffee shops you go to buy them locally), but good coffee machines are expensive.

If you have a small budget but want to make great coffee at home with your own beans, look at other coffee making methods other than pulling espresso shots. An Aeropress, for example, will set you back around KD10  and a grinder to go along with it for around KD15. If you head to the Arabica Roastery in Shuwaikh, you'll find different coffee-making methods on display and for sale.
answered Apr 10 by Spirit
 these two great machines are sold in kuwait

rancilio silva

Ascaso Dream:

both are single boiler machines. great for home use and well built.

remember, good machine alone is nothing without a good grinder.

as for buying from online, it is a good option but what if something needs a repair ? shouldn't be a better option to stick to a machine that has a retailer here so he could do maintenance for it ?

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