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I think i ran a red light. How long before it show up on my record on the moi app? How to find out early?

asked Oct 27, 2018 in Other by anonymous
I got bullied into running a red light by a jerk driver behind me that tailgated me. How do i know if i got clicked by the camera or not? When will it show on my record on the moi app?

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6 Answers

answered Oct 27, 2018 by anonymous
It takes approximately a month more or less.
answered Oct 28, 2018 by anonymous
a week
answered Oct 28, 2018 by Riba (3,140 points)
It seems to vary a lot, for me it appeared after more than 3 months.
answered Oct 30, 2018 by Ali Al-Shammari
In my experience, It's around 3 months, then again this is Kuwait, nothing is consistent.
answered Mar 8 by Harrison
What is the current penalty for jumping a red light
commented Mar 8 by anonymous
50 KD.  Moreover you can't pay it without visiting Traffic department.
Very serious violation, can cause deportation.
answered Mar 9 by anonymous
unless u were driving in left lane i dont see how you got bullied into running a red light, just go the speed limit or 10-20kmph under and stick to the right or middle lane and focus on whats in front of you, not behind you, i used to speed an brake at cameras and ppl slowing down traffic on the left lane i "bullied" however as i got a bit older and almost dying, i realized meh screw it, cruise control 10-20 less than the speed limit and just use the left lane to overtake and you will reach.

the fine is very serious, 50kd, car impounded, license suspended, car daftar taken away, thats if they are nice, if it goes to court then its a max of 3 months jail and a max of 300kd, and if your not kuwaiti or a member of the gcc you might get deported.
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