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What is it like learning to drive in Kuwait? Are there English speaking driving instructors you can recommend?

asked Jul 23, 2016 in Other by anonymous
EU citizen moving to Kuwait with no driving licence - looking to learn to drive once there.... is it possible?

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3 Answers

answered Jul 24, 2016 by Hex (1,420 points)
You can learn to drive by taking classes at the Kuwait Motoring Company. They have a branch in Shuwaikh next to the MOI vehicle inspection center. They may have other branches too but I'm not sure about that, better to contact them and ask. The advantage with them is that their campus is in the same place where you get to take the drivers test, so you'll be testing at the same track as the one you practiced with.

Though I don't recommend learning to drive here if it's your first time... the driving culture in Kuwait is very poor; most people people drive aggressively with no consideration of others on the road, a general lack of driver ethics and awareness, as such this leads to a lot of people getting into accidents on the road. You'll be picking up a lot of bad habits in this environment.
commented Aug 9, 2016 by anonymous
Thank you for your very helpful answer!
answered Jul 25, 2016 by anonymous
Kuwait Motoring Company in Shuwiakh is the best driving school, very friendly driving instructors.
answered Feb 18 by anonymous
I doubt it.  Most expats come with a license.  Besides, learning to drive in Kuwait would be like learning how to act normal in an insane asylum.  There are no rules that people follow on the roads here---and the roads are severely congested.  The roads are very dangerous for even an experienced driver like myself.   Add to that, the system is corrupt...if you have 'wasta' you might get your licence sooner than later.
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