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where can i find a good quality ukelele in kuwait?

asked Jan 9 in Hobbies by anonymous

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2 Answers

answered Jan 10 by Mark (70,020 points)
Check with Salmeen Musical Instruments in Salmiya
answered Jan 12 by TDK
If I may know, Are you a
commented Jan 12 by anonymous
commented Jan 12 by TDK
Then my ukes won't be good for you :)

Still, I can order something good that suites u and send it to you

Cause you won't find a good uke here!

Played any instrument before.?

What size you're looking for?
commented Jan 12 by anonymous
i’m just asking for a friend, i already got one but thanks :)
commented Jan 12 by TDK
I see, I understand :)

You're very welcome...

As mentioned by Mr. Mark above,

Salmeen maybe have one or two sopranos,



Also do have few sopranos...

That's all what I saw here in Kuwait!

And again, if needed anything regarding ukes,
Strings, repair, or even an instrument, let me know...

I'll always help :)

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