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Where can I find good quality telescopes in Kuwait?

asked Feb 13 in Hobbies by Razzak Khandwani
Looking out for Celestron/Orion or similar such good quality telescopes.
Where can I find them locally ?
International shipping is prohibitively expensive, unless someone brings it across.

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2 Answers

answered Feb 14 by Anonymous
selected Feb 15 by Mark
Best answer
At ASCC in the space museum gift shop (celestron brand)

Imagine my frustration when I saw a good quality mid level telescope priced the same as my entry level one which became more expensive after shipping :)
Now this was summer 2018, I hope they still sell them.
commented Feb 14 by Razzak Khandwani
Thank you! :-) How are the prices?
commented Feb 17 by Anonymous
Hmmm.. trying to remember, I think the one I would have bought was around 40-50. Size was around 6 inch. It was a good deal when compared with its original price.
answered Feb 16 by anonymous
Now why would you want to consider using a high performing telescope in a country with light polluted skies? Try X-Cite
commented Feb 17 by anonymous
maybe he is not planning to look up to the sky ;)
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