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What are the best Lebanese restaurants in Kuwait?

asked Mar 2 in Food by Yusef
My mom's birthday is in a few days and her favourite cuisine is Lebanese, so I want to take her out to a restaurant. What are the best Lebanese restaurants in Kuwait, in terms of atmosphere and food?

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5 Answers

answered Mar 2 by Mark (68,180 points)

These three are my favorites
answered Mar 3 by anonymous
Villa Farouz.
answered Mar 3 by Mustapha
As a Lebanese person, Babel & Burj AlHamam are the most authentic Lebanese restaraunts there are. If you're flexible in your budget then Babel would be my top choice.
answered Mar 6 by AJ
Enab for sure.
answered Mar 6 by mo
mais al ghanem has great food and atmosphere

mayar (behind kuwait stock market) has the best lebanese food by far maybe not so much with the atmosphere
commented Mar 12 by anonymous
Dude he's asking for his mom's birthday not a cheap date

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