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Is there any shop with knowledgable (very knowledgeable) salespeople that will help me chose a good pillow. Trying them is an absolute must.

asked Mar 3 in Housing by anonymous

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2 Answers

answered Mar 3 by Mark (68,180 points)
commented Mar 4 by DJN (2,750 points)
The salesperson in the pillow section are far from knowledgeable
commented Mar 4 by Mark (68,180 points)
What kind of knowledge do you want them to posses? The pillows are all on display, they have information about them on their tags, and you can try them all out. Plus they're mostly fairly affordable.

If you want premium pillows then pass by The Bed Shop, they've got KD50+ pillows there and I've always found the salespeople knoweldgable.
commented Mar 6 by anonymous
Umm *basic* knowledge about what kind of pillow is suitable for different sleeping positions (side sleeper vs. back sleeper vs. stomach sleeper), information on different filling (goose/feather vs. memory foam vs. poly-fill etc.) and maybe a bit of extra knowledge about suitability vis-a-vis medical condition (chronic back/neck/shoulder pain)?
commented Mar 11 by DJN (2,750 points)
And FYI you *cant* try pillows in Ikea!
commented Mar 11 by Mark (68,180 points)
you very well can, all their pillows are out on display.
commented Mar 13 by anonymous
Pray tell, how can you try a pillow standing up? AFAIK there are no beds in the pillow section!
commented Mar 13 by Mark (68,180 points)
Oh wow, you actually want to lie down on a bed and put your head on a pillow a million other people had put their head on before you? It’s a pillow, just feel it up with your hands like everybody else does...
answered Mar 11 by anonymous
The Bed Center (dealer of Tempur). I remember when I was buying pillows they they helped me pick the best pillow for different positions, pricey pillows though.
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