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affordable keratin treatment for men

asked Mar 4 in Grooming by afnanzn (720 points)
edited Mar 4 by afnanzn
anyone know a good salon that does keratin treatment for short hair at an affordable rate, (toni&guy and Spaloon rates are 60kd +)

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2 Answers

answered Mar 4 by Mark (68,180 points)
Like you mentioned, both Toni & Guy and Spaloon do keratin treament. Your title should have been more specific to cheap keratin treament so going to edit it for you now.
answered Mar 4 by anonymous
Cheap is such a negative word.  It's an insult in and of itself.  It also denotes poor quality.  Consider using the word 'affordable' in the future.

Thank you.  Have a happy sun shining day.

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