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closed how to apply for sick leave for MOH thru telephone 133?

asked Mar 5 in Personal by anonymous
closed Mar 8
all options are in Arabic.. I have already registered. plz help.
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3 Answers

answered Mar 7 by forzaq8 (3,680 points)
Dial 133
( Your Civil id number)
( Your 4 digit password )

That way you can go to government medical center assigned to your area  in your civil id
commented Mar 7 by anonymous
they moved that option to number 4 from  7
answered Mar 7 by Help
To register with CSC Please follow the below steps.
1. Dial 1828888 or 133
2. Press 3
3. Enter your CID Number
4. Enter the telephone Number that you are using.
5. Enter a Password
6. Re-enter the Password.
To Apply sick leave
1. Dial 182888 or 133
2. Press 7
3. Enter your CID Number
4. Enter your Password
5. Press 1
Sick leave request will automatcally go to your area clinic according to civil id addres.
If you lost or forget your password or need to change password go personally with your civil id to CSC shuwaikh office Next to MTC HQ.

Article published at IIK - Read more at http://www.indiansinkuwait.com/IIKForum/threadView.aspx?ID=55621#ixzz5hMa5epAw
commented Mar 7 by anonymous
these are wrong. only 4 options there
answered Mar 7 by anonymous
Is this for government workers?

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