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Are there any banks that don't require you to have a signature? I cannot ever sign the same signature, no matter how hard I try.

asked Mar 6 in Other by anonymous
Last time I went to my bank it took almost an hour until they could verify its me.  I tried to update my signature to a very simple initial that I can recreate, but they refused.  I'm this close to just keeping my cash at home.  What about people that cannot even read or write?  What about people with no hands or other handicaps.

PS> My current bank is ABK

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7 Answers

answered Mar 6 by Reality
Best answer
Haha i went through the same thing with my bank so i just ended up changing my signature to the first letter of my name only.
answered Mar 6 by anonymous
I THINK you can use your finger print. I'm not 100% sure tho.
commented Mar 6 by anonymous
I would love that, but they don't have that in ABK.  Any idea which bank has this?
answered Mar 6 by anonymous
Request to change your signature to your full name, you don't need a fancy signature.
answered Mar 6 by anonymous
Buy a 100 page blank book and practice signing the same  signature that you use  way you will become an expert in making the same sign.
answered Mar 12 by Mohamed
Fingerprints are acceptable for illiterate customers only, you'd have to sign.
The best signature is your first or full name written in your own handwriting, I read somewhere that this is the hardest type to forge and it is known to be impossible to replicate even by you... that's why bank employees are not looking for an exact match, they're just looking for somewhere in the range of 80% match.
answered Mar 12 by anonymous
You can use initials. That should be allowed. If not 1) Finger print (used mostly for people who dont know how to write or read) 2) Using a stamp
answered Mar 15 by anonymous
use Gulf Bank I had the same issue and they told me to just write my name as signature
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