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what are some fun places to go with kids, besides the usual play areas ( Play, Trampo , Fun city etc).

asked Mar 6 in Events by Sara

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3 Answers

answered Mar 6 by Reality
Theres 2 new places in avenues down in the basement in the new phase. Also theres discovery next to the ice skating ring. Also shaheed park is nice
commented Mar 11 by Riba (3,140 points)
Shaheed park is nice, but it is not really suitable for children. No play areas at all and no stepping on the grass. Boulevard park is a different story though.
answered Mar 6 by Calvin (1,590 points)
commented Mar 6 by Calvin (1,590 points)
Also Magic Planet
answered Mar 11 by anonymous
I can't think of any place that is not similar to what you already mentioned, there are some public playgrounds but those get pretty busy on the weekend.  There's also Kidzania that offers a different experience, and also some colouring experiences where your kid picks a sculpture and colours it however they like (Marina Crescent, 360 top floor). There's also a variety of classes where kids can have fun like swimming and gymnastics.
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