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Where I can do knife sharpening?

asked Mar 8 in Housing by anonymous
Somebody know?

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3 Answers

answered Mar 8 by Burrfect
If you are talking about a whet stone knife sharpening the. I’d strongly suggest YouTube. I’ve been teaching myself knife sharpening that way. I recommend watching the channel “burrfection” and if ur looking for a whetstone I think William Sonoma at the avenues sell a 1000/6000 dual grit stone but it’s gonna cost which is why I’ll recommend a “king” brand 1000/6000 grit dual stone off amazon. Otherwise idk where to go to learn that. Good luck to you.
answered Mar 9 by Mark (68,180 points)
If my memory serves me correct, the Jashanmall store in 360 Mall (basement) had knife sharpening tools in their large knives section.
answered Mar 9 by anonymous
Thank you, friends, but I'm looking for service. I prefer to pay to somebody rather to do it by myself.
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