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can anyone tell me the timings and days for the post office in al Sadiq Area?

asked Mar 9 in Other by anonymous
I'm expecting a usps delivery and I expect it to be collected from Al Sadiq, block 5 near the police station and boubyan bank.
بريد الصديق الجديد
Zahra, Kuwait
+965 2521 7663

Plz tell me the days and timings.

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1 Answer

answered Mar 17 by anonymous
From Google:
Sunday            7:30AM–1PM, 2–8PM
Monday    7:30AM–1PM, 2–8PM
Tuesday    7:30AM–1PM, 2–8PM
Wednesday    7:30AM–1PM, 2–8PM
Thursday    7:30AM–1PM, 2–8PM
Friday            Closed
Saturday    Closed

Ofcourse keep in mind this is #1 a govt office, #2 it involves Kuwait post+customs, the world's worst two services sectors.

Just as an FYI, you would need the airway bill code, not just your tracking number.. Sometimes they'll be helpful, but most of the times they just don't care and tell you to come back when you figure it out. (I have a shipment, I'm not even sure where, that's arrived since 12/2)
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