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Where to find snoring aids?

asked Mar 10 in Personal by Ramos DeSanta
I am looking for snoring aids in Kuwait
Anyone saw them at any of the local pharmacies in Kuwait?

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2 Answers

answered Mar 11 by anonymous
The only thing I've seen in pharmacies are the bands that you put on your nose to widen your nostrils.
commented Mar 14 by anonymous
You should probably go and visit a doctor and determine the cause of your snoring and go from there. For example if you have sleep apnea, your dentist can make you a mouth guard to keep your airways open and prevent you from dying in your sleep. If you are overweight, have enlarged tonsils or adenoids that could be the cause. Seek professional help. All the best!
answered Mar 15 by Hex (1,740 points)
I've seen some nasal dilators and chin straps that assist in reducing snoring in several pharmacies. However, as another user here said, it is best to go see a doctor to determine the cause of the snoring as it could be sign of sleep apnea.
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