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Why can’t there be outdoor smoking cabins?

asked Mar 13 in Other by anonymous
Almost every time I stand outside some place, I have to inhale the vile stench of cigarette smoke! Is it so hard to just breathe fresh air without having to breathe in the awul smell of smoking?! Can’t some ministry install a smoking cabin outside so people can smoke and I don’t have to be bothered?

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3 Answers

answered Mar 13 by anonymous
Inhaling bad air increases your immune system efficiency.
commented Mar 13 by anonymous
answered Mar 13 by anonymous
Cigarette smoke is the least vile stench you should be worried about in this air.
commented Mar 13 by anonymous
I was in Dubai for a week and when I came back, the air felt cleaner and fresher compared to back there.
commented Mar 15 by anonymous
The most harmful gasses are usually odourless.
answered Mar 13 by anonymous
it is the smoking area afterall, you banned us from smoking indoors, we moved outside, now youre bitching about us smoking outside, maybe the problem is you non smokers ? we have to stay 3m away from the entrance and most people who smoke are in that area, if you want fresh air go  30 meters up wind.
commented Mar 13 by anonymous
LMAO, you should reailze that smoking is bad for you; you’re literally cooking your own lungs!
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