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Why is it so hard for lady expats to get a job in the oil field? I am very qualified.

asked Mar 13 in Work by anonymous

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7 Answers

answered Mar 13 by anonymous
Because it will hurt their male ego to work under a female more qualified than them.
commented Mar 13 by anonymous
Oh, that is why no one has responded to my qualifications. Very sad-thank you for the feedback!
commented Mar 14 by Khaled (3,900 points)
suuuuuuure. that's the reason.
commented Mar 14 by anonymous
Quit your sexist bs
Everyone in kuwait wants to join the oil sector and there's a hell of competition as mentioned below, this has nothing to do with you being a female. It doesn't matter if you have 10 phds stacked under your belt, You need to already know someone working there that can help you. Good luck
commented Mar 14 by anonymous
Quit with my sexist bs? Your thinking is what's wrong with the world. You could have said it's a very competitive field and that I need to know someone to get a job and left your antics out of it.
commented Mar 15 by anonymous
I was responding to the insecure idiot who was claiming that it will hurt the males ego if a woman is more qualified than them.
answered Mar 13 by anonymous
Right now KOC has more Kuwaitis with Petro eng degrees than they need
The process of hiring once they have a degree is no way automatic anymore with more quality vetting and wasta close to zero
Many Kuwaitis with such a degree are not hired
commented Mar 13 by anonymous
I see. Is there any other companies that will hire a female with a chemical engineering degree? I have sought employment for over a year with no luck, I think I will have to return to the USA if I cannot find meaningful work here. Thank you for the feedback.
commented Mar 14 by Anony
+1 to this
Every Kuwaiti with an engineering degree wants to work and applies to the oil sector. There’s also huge competition between qualified expats too.

With a chemical engineering degree try KISR
commented Mar 14 by anonymous
Great feedbackthankd
answered Mar 13 by anonymous
Chemical engineering is a tough field in kuwait , not because you are a woman
Honestly look for work outside of that field or retrain / get another degree
Are you on dependent visa?
commented Mar 14 by afnanzn (720 points)
get another degree.... from where? amazon?
commented Mar 14 by anonymous
With an attitude like that no wonder no you be is calling you back....
answered Mar 14 by Kuwait (5,050 points)
Not sure it has anything to do with you being a lady. There are several women in the O&G sector including in Senior Management positions.
answered Mar 14 by anonymous
maybe u should try in the oil field service sector there are kuwaiti and international  companies with labs that do work for oil field....do your ground work and fix an appointment and visit them and see if they have any work and followup....all the best.
answered Mar 14 by anonymous
commented Mar 14 by anonymous
Thank you so much! This explains it all! Sadly, I will move back home. No friends and no job in Kuwait is driving me crazy.
commented Mar 14 by anonymous
Dont give up. While oil sector jobs are near impossible to get in to, with your qualifications you should still be able to get a job related to your field, for instance telecom companies hire a lot of petro engineers for their sites. Also you can still apply to private companies in the oil sector such as Halliburton, you can even become a trainer for Kuwaiti petro graduates, thier are so many training courses in the oil sector that needs instructors.

Dont waste your degree, while kuwait is trying to get rid of alot expatsm they still want/need the highly educated and skilled expats such as petro engineer.
commented Mar 14 by anonymous
it takes time to get used to Kuwait way of operating.and months and years to get somewhere....but if you are looking for some opening u need to do your research and networking..there may be new projects /contracts that come up in the sector down the line and they are looking for people..you could also do some course in project management when you are free and that can also add to your qualification.. also learn software related to your field meanwhile....
commented Mar 14 by anonymous
Great idea, thanks! Can you recommend a place in Kuwait where I can do project management.
commented Mar 14 by anonymous
Very encouraging! I appreciate it!
answered Mar 15 by anonymous
You have almost zero chance to get hired by any of the K-Companies mostly because they do not hire expats as much as before. You have a better chance with companies that have contracts with them. Now if you mean you're seeking a job in the oil field literally, K-Companies do not hire females to work in the field, and I believe that's by law from the government. This law might extend to private companies as well.
commented Mar 15 by anonymous
Whoa! Thank you for being informative and honest. Light and Love!
commented Mar 15 by Mark (68,180 points)
This information is inaccurate. I know at least 2 expat females working in the field for KOC.
commented Mar 15 by anonymous
There is no law against women in the fields - that’s bs - most specialize in resoviers out of desire for more of a desk job but there is no law - BS!
commented Mar 18 by anonymous
I apologize for my inaccuracy, I assure you my intention wasn't to "BS". Nonetheless, I know for sure 'some' field jobs are male only.
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