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Is their a old age facility for Dogs?

asked Apr 1 in Animals by Mohammed
I have 14 years old Germna shepherd who has been with me since it was a puppy. Right now age and Hip issue have caught up on him and i am wondering if their are any shelters that can take care of My German shepherd.

My family has gone back to the home country and it is been a bit hectic for me to take care of him specially he has started to have walking issues.

One of the options is to put him to sleep at IVH but apart from his walking issues he seems to be in good health.

Pls share/advise on your opinion

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1 Answer

answered Apr 1 by anonymous
Don't put him to sleep.  Check with the Vet the best way to deal with his walking.  its probably arthritis and there are pills and injections that help significantly with that.  Again don't put him to sleep or give him away.  You wouldn't want your family doing that to you when you're older.
commented Apr 1 by Mohammed
thank you for your comments. Yes I really do not want to put him to sleep.
I have tried it with the doc at IVH and he is suffering from Hip Dylpsia. Medications containing Glucosime just makes things worse as he get severe diarrhea and the entire house is in a mess. when i bought him we had a yard at home and he used to do his stuff their, since five years now have moved to a very small apartment and he needs to go out for which his walking and crouching is the problem and things seems to get worse day by day .
commented Apr 3 by whizb
If you're willing to try supplements, please check Cosequin. No real side effects and sold over the counter, it really helps ease symptoms.
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