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Is a racing stripe on the car paint job illegal?

asked Apr 1 in Automotive by Sonya
edited Apr 1
I bought the car used, it came like this obviously. Regular paint with a black stripe, factory job.
However, as I got pulled over the other day, the officer said he had to “check” something because the stripe on the car was “not allowed”.
Sounds like just something he said to give me an answer as to why I was pulled over. More likely they were just checking license and registration since I’m an expat, but why not just say that? A stripe not allowed seems unlikely.

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3 Answers

answered Apr 1 by Talal
The short answer is yes it is illegal unless you have your car registered in 2 different colors for example black & white. Any sticker on the car is illegal, even a tiny one however, it's a very minor issue and usually with a little bit of explanation they would let you go especially if you bought it the way it is.
answered Apr 2 by anonymous
Yes because its a stupid country with stupid laws and stupid enforcement.
answered Apr 2 by Mark (70,020 points)
There is a very general law that says no modifications on your car is allowed. this is too broad a law and can cover anything from stickers on your car, lift kits, you name it. I had a friend whos car came with stickers on the side (like for example how the Porsche GT3RS has stickers on the side) and he was forced to remove it by a cop.
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