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Does the Ministry of Higher Education give out merit scholarships for European countries?

asked Apr 7 in Education by Maha
I got accepted into Maastricht University (accredited by MOHE) and I keep getting mixed answers from employees at the Ministry of Higher Education. I went several times and was told that it is possible to receive a scholarship from a merit university in the Netherlands. However, I went back today and they said the complete opposite. I am aware of their incompetence, but I was wondering if anyone has Kuwaiti friends who study in Europe (excluding UK and France) under government scholarship.

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3 Answers

answered Apr 19 by Mo

You can totally go to many European countries and get a scholarship. They only have to be accredited from the NBAQ. You can find all the countries and accredited universities on this website.

Good luck, I was also considering Maastricht uni btw, but I'm afraid of the Dutch language requirements.
commented Apr 20 by Maha
Thank you for your response. There is no Dutch language requirement for Maastricht, as long as you apply for an English programme (they have plenty). Check out other universities in the Netherlands too, I’m sure you’ll find your programme of choice fully taught in English. The universities are also rather easy to get into, as long as you meet the minimum requirements and the programme doesn’t have a selection procedure.
answered Apr 20 by The Digital Guy (180 points)
Not sure about the Netherlands but you can always consider Germany if you're looking forward to applying in technical studies. The link below will help you find your course.


Many universities are free and there are some courses in 100% English as well, you just have to manage your expense.

P.s. I love how they support higher education.
answered Apr 21 by anonymous
they have scholarships in general for ireland, malta, uk, and france but nowhere else in europe
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