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Looking for ground type AC. cant find it on major appliance stores

asked Apr 10 in Technology by anonymous

As the crazy summer weather is upon us, we are already having air conditioning problems.

In our apartment we have a few obstacles and can only go for a wall and ground mounted split type of AC.


Ive been to best and xcite and they only have the ceiling and top wall mounted ac. I asked tons of people where we can get these and kuwait but to no avail.

Does anyone know where to get this ac? This ac system is quite normal to have in europe.

Please help!

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2 Answers

answered Apr 10 by anonymous
commented Apr 10 by anonymous
not looking for portable. the installation of the extremely big hose is a problem for us. Looking for a split type AC that is wall mounted close to the ground like in the link i provided. Thanks for the reply
answered Apr 10 by Mark (70,020 points)
Check with General, UTC are the dealers in Kuwait

Telephone: +965-22423355
Facsimile: +965-22410361
E-mail: info@utc.com.kw
Address: P.O. Box 28, 13001 Safat, Kuwait
commented Apr 10 by Mark (70,020 points)
Also Xcite have a ton of floor standing units but they're the tower ones
commented Apr 10 by Mark (70,020 points)
Just passed by UTC, they stopped getting the ceiling/floor one like over a year ago
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