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Question for Mark: Would you ever sell the blog if someone was willing to buy it?

asked Apr 11 in Other by anonymous
Weird question, I know, but it was something I thought about recently.

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2 Answers

answered Apr 11 by Mark (70,020 points)
Best answer
yeah probably if the money was right.
answered Apr 11 by anonymous
commented Apr 13 by anonymous
I think Mark can easily get KD 1,000,000 for his blog. He is not willing to give it up yet I guess.
commented Apr 15 by anonymous
Whoever buys it for 1 million, will need about 40 years to recuperate their investment.
commented Apr 17 by Harrison Joshua Monteiro
The 248am is mark. Period.
The equation is not complete if mark is out. 248am has grown and developed as the creator has.
So if someone would buy the blog too, it could never be used in a better way to generate revenue than what mark does. But yes if someone is willing to put a million on 248am and let mark go even more crazy, I am sure that mark might definitely have something hidden up his sleeve to make the investor recuperate this investment asap and much before 40years
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