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How to get rid of broken laptop?

asked Apr 13 in Technology by anonymous
I just dropped my laptop today and the corner of the screen cracked and the corner of the laptop got dented really badly. When I took it to a repair shop, the repair costs were KD250, and now I don’t know what to do with the laptop. Anyone know what I should do? Is there a place where I can sell it for scrap or donate it somewhere?

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5 Answers

answered Apr 13 by Mark (70,020 points)
Bin Khaldoun street, tons of shops there buy used laptops but because the repair cost is so high nobody would probably want it.
commented Apr 14 by anonymous
The laptop is still functioning, but I’m worried about charging it because the dent/gap is on the side where the charging port is.
answered Apr 14 by anonymous
screen change is like 12 kwd .depending on size and qulaity of lcd panel.. dented or body plastic stuff it depends ... 250 kwd u can get a new one ... you can just give it to the shop if it cannot be used and say keep it... 250 kwd they musta quoted to just avoid fixing...
commented Apr 14 by anonymous
The body is metal; the whole thing felt like it was made from the same stuff as an iPhone.
commented Apr 14 by anonymous
if its metal then buy a new one ..hdd u can take
answered Apr 14 by Calvin (2,270 points)
Just throw it away, but before you do that, take your hard disk drive/SSD out. It might contain sensitive information.
answered Apr 14 by anonymous
I just burn my unwanted laptops or phones. remove the battery first!
answered Apr 19 by The Digital Guy (180 points)
I know someone who could be of help.


Check the above link and reach out to them through direct message.
They have a few shops in Hawalli as per my knowledge and one of the shops purchased wet and broken Macbook from my friend.

There's no harm in asking rather than throwing it for free.
commented Apr 21 by anonymous
I sent them a message on Instagram and got no response. Where are their locations?

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