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Bubble tea in kuwait?

asked Aug 16, 2016 in Food by anonymous
I read about bubbleology but I think it closed and I just spent my afternoon going through the Asian restaurants on talabat, as well as the ones under the beverages and juices categories. Anyone know where I can get some bubble tea?

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3 Answers

answered Jan 9 by anonymous
Just wondering if u find any bubble tea in kuwait please share as I also like bubble tea
answered Jan 9 by anonymous
arabs dont like bubble tea, there used to be a few places which opened and later closed due to lack of customers but now there is nothing, you are out of luck
commented Jan 10 by Latte09
I saw a couple roaming in avenues drinking bubble tea I know it was that cause of the straw and the pearls!!! Sadly they walked too fast to follow and ask! If someone finds it please let me know!!!
answered Jan 11 by mobi
Chiquita fruit bar in the avenues
commented Jan 11 by Mark (34,150 points)
they have bubble tea???
commented Jan 11 by Mark (34,150 points)
damn good catch

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