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Can I get a visa on arrival for Oman with only 3 months validity left on my Kuwait residency?

asked Aug 18, 2016 in Other by Reeba
For professions like engineers and doctors with Kuwait residency, can we apply for Oman visa with less than 6 months left for residency renewal? Will it be a problem during entry?
What's the procedure in this case?

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3 Answers

answered Aug 18, 2016 by anonymous
I'm pretty sure there is a 3 to 6 months restriction. It's best to call the Embassy of Oman.
answered Sep 27, 2016 by anonymous
reshown Feb 1, 2017 by Mark
They stop you at Muscat aiport immigration if less than 3 months. Be careful!
answered Aug 16, 2017 by anonymous
The rule earlier was 6 months, it has been changed to 3 months now.
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