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Where can I find slim wrenches, either a set or adjustable?

asked Aug 21, 2016 in Automotive by Riba (3,140 points)
Like these:

Please, no useless answers like "In Shuwaikh".

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2 Answers

answered Aug 21, 2016 by Mark (70,020 points)
Ace Hardware
commented Aug 21, 2016 by Riba (3,140 points)
I was there before posting a question. In Egaila branch though, if you think it makes sense I can check the one in Al Rai tomorrow. Bike shops might have these I suspect.... :-/
answered Aug 22, 2016 by Ramez
ACE Hardware
True Value

& Shuwaikh
commented Aug 22, 2016 by Riba (3,140 points)
Well, No luck in Ace Hardware, no luck in Bin Nisf, no luck in Snap-On dealer, no luck in True Value, and I even checked with Extreme sports. It doesn't exist in Kuwait, for future reference. :)
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