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Can we leave with our newborn baby if he doesn't have Iqama, but has his own passport?

asked Aug 26, 2016 in Other by Joe Blow
We have a tricky situation.  I am an American, here on a tourist visa, so no Iqama.  My wife is Indonesian and here on an iqama.  We have a new born son and we want to leave Kuwait soon, before he reaches the 60 day limit before fines come in because he has no iqama, but, he has his own Indonesian passport.  We applied for a U.S. passport but they are giving us a hard time, we should be able to get it, but it will take a few months and we will get it from an embassy outside of Kuwait.

So, if we go to the airport to leave, do they look in the childs passport to see if there is an iqama?  Do they even check that when leaving?

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1 Answer

answered Aug 27, 2016 by anonymous
Perhaps you can find more information at Ministry of Interior website. My guess is that as long it's a living person, they must have the proper documentation/VISA/ etc.
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