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As i have raised this question ages ago. I will repeat the same question as there was no result until now. So when are you going to re-establish the phone app for iOS & android?

asked Oct 19, 2016 in Technology by Anonymous

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1 Answer

answered Oct 19, 2016 by Mark (55,620 points)
I'm not
commented Oct 20, 2016 by Anonymous
The reason i asked you the above mentioned question is because I found it very feasible to access your posts & updates. Your 1st response to my question ages ago was that you're working on it & will be done shortly. Can you brief me as to why won't re-create the app?
commented Oct 20, 2016 by Mark (55,620 points)
yeah, that plan got thrown out of the window since i was too lazy and never got around to it so decided to stop telling people i'm working on it when i clearly was on my couch watching tv.
commented Oct 20, 2016 by anonymous
too latte to do it now
commented Oct 21, 2016 by anonymous
Haram Mark, your life is so difficult. How do you find the time to hawk products given to you for free in between insulting Levi's jeans and drinking too many lattes?
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