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Authenticated Degree Needed for Corp Teaching?

asked Oct 30, 2016 in Work by MisterStretch
My teaching position is in the private sector, not under the Ministry of Education.  Is it required for my degree to be verified and authenticated, along with sealed transcripts in order to receive my residence visa?

Your help would be most appreciated.

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2 Answers

answered Oct 30, 2016 by Mark (55,820 points)
Ask HR
answered Oct 30, 2016 by MisterStretch
HR isn't quite sure, as they have never done a corporate teaching contract.  They know what to do for a university, just not quite sure about a corporate program.

That's why I asked here, hoping someone might have been in the same situation and had gone through this.
commented Oct 31, 2016 by Mark (55,820 points)
Well in that case from my experience I'd assume you would need a degree that's verified. I just transferred my residency to a new company and needed a verified degree so I'm assuming you would too.

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