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Best gynecologist for PCOS / infertility in Kuwait?

asked Nov 9, 2016 in Personal by A Cyster
Anyone knows who the best gynecologist might be in Kuwait who specializes in PCOS / infertility issues?

I've heard of Dr. Ghazala in Shifa Jazeera & Dr. Pratibha in Etihad Medical: does anyone know if they are any good?

Second question: which hospital/doctor might offer treatment for PCOS on a reasonable budget?
(.i.e. not spending KWD 150+ per month on medical treatment)

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2 Answers

answered Nov 14, 2016 by Another Cyster
Best answer
I think the best one would be Dr. Pratibha at EMC
She charges KWD 15 for first consultation & file opening and then KWD 10 for each infertility related consultation and KWD 10 for sonar. She prescribes affordable medicines and does only the necessary tests.
I would max her at KWD 50 per month.

Once pregnant, she charges KWD 15 per visit and KWD 15 per sonar.

She usually just calls you in once a month.

You will need an appointment to meet her & then when you reach there, you may have to wait for half an hour upto 2 hours depending on the traffic (even with an appointment, you'll have to wait)

Hope this helps!
commented Dec 9, 2017 by anonymous
Same pitch
answered Dec 9, 2017 by anonymous
Hi ,

Please stay strong and remember you are always more likely to conceive when you are not stressed. We had gone through 7 failed IUI in Kuwait and 4 failed IVFs  in India.

I read about Dr. Nahed Hammediah at New Mowasat hospital in Salmiya and he helped us succeed at his first attempt, which was our 5th IVF attempt. I would highly recommend him because he is a perfectionist and does his work very precisely.

If you have any further questions, do not feel hesitant to ask us.

commented Dec 10, 2017 by anonymous
commented May 27 by Belinda
Dear Rasha ,

Can i know the exact consultant charges and hopefully other tests from him . i had showed many doctors in Kuwait but still suffering from PCOD after consuming so many tablets no result almost 8 years  suffering a worst for pregnancy
commented Aug 24 by anonymous
أحتاج للقيام ببعض الاختبارات الجينية لأطفال الأنابيب في الكويت. يمكن لأي شخص التعليق على هذا الموقع: https://www.pgdlabs.com/
commented Nov 7 by anonymous
Dear Rasha

Can I know the cost of IVF with Dr Nahed ? Appreciate your reply, thanks.
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