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Best place to practice dance with a small group (5-6ppl) for FREE ?

asked Nov 15, 2016 in Activities by Picsta
we are having a wedding coming up and we friends decided to have a dance item in the wedding. Non of us is a dancer . so we are just going to do some steps to entertain . Please help us as we have only 9 days more to practice. The wedding is on 25th November. Thank You.

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3 Answers

answered Nov 15, 2016 by Mark (62,500 points)
Your house. I doubt you'll find another private location which you could use for free. 5-6 people isn't a lot, just move some furniture around and create some space.
commented Nov 16, 2016 by picsta
That would be for sure the fist place But only if i had that much of space. I live in a studio apartment. So basically after moving all the furniture out of the house, i would still not have have enough space to accommodate 5-6 ppl. Thanks though. :)
answered Nov 15, 2016 by anonymous
YouTube at your place.
answered Nov 16, 2016 by anonymous
Its not for free but if you need quick classes and steps. you can.call Vipin 97276776. He is a choreographer
commented Nov 16, 2016 by picsta
no thanks. :)
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