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Does anyone know if there's a chiropractor in kuwait

asked Nov 20, 2016 in Personal by Need_Chiro
Anyone? Need to get adjusted ASAP.

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3 Answers

answered Jan 12 by anonymous
yes, there is an american doctor, he is a licence chiropractor in Mazaya Building in Jabriya.   Tel#  222 69 410
commented Feb 20 by azeem
i am having nexk pain from very long time n i need to get it fixed
commented Feb 27 by Anonymous
Hello Can i know the Doctors name?
answered Mar 7 by Manahil
I wanted to knw my father is suffering frm spinal cod pain a bad back pain can i have any option in kuwait
answered Mar 10 by Rafiq (180 points)
I highly suggest Adam at holistic medicine in downtown Kuwait. I herniated a disc in my back, I went to Adam (I refused surgery), and now I am back to normal which includes heavy deadlifts (445lb PR this week).


Tell him Rafiq sent you.
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