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Are the perfumes sold at xcite.com original or first copies ?

asked Dec 19, 2016 in Other by Sheri
i noticed that xcite.com is selling perfumes at a much cheaper rate then the market...which definitely ignites the authenticity of it being original. does any one have any information on this matter bcoz i was thinking of getting few from xcite.com

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2 Answers

answered Dec 19, 2016 by Mark (55,820 points)
i just took a look at their perfumes, the prices seem correct, nothing is much cheaper than the market or at least nothing i noticed. What did you find much cheaper than anywhere else? They're selling my perfume for the exact same price I buy it from Sephora, actually 100 fils more expensive. The rest of the perfumes I know of they're also selling for market price. The really cheap stuff (under KD10) is just really cheap stuff not fake.
commented Dec 19, 2016 by anonymous
dolce and gabbana the one 100ml xcite price is 15. something whereas debenhams etc they are retailing it above 30kd
Gucci Guilty intense 100ml at xcite is 16kd or so and the same at debenhems etc is 37kd
this is whts confusing me  
and i have notice it many times a perfume lets say givenchy gentlemen is priced at e.g 27kd and after few days the price changes to 13kd.....and then after few days again it is changed to 27kd....
commented Dec 19, 2016 by Mark (55,820 points)
The Gucci is KD16.650 on Taw9eel http://www.taw9eel.com/en/gucci-guilty-intense-for-him-90-ml-edt.html
and KD16.500 on Blink http://www.blink.com.kw/product-detail/guilty-intense-by-gucci-for-men-edt-90-ml.html?query=search

So seems the price at xcite is accurate. Debenhams probably still have the original release price but the model is probably old or not popular and so discounted everywhere else?
answered Jun 10, 2017 by Nix
You cannot come to know if a perfume is fake or original just by the looks of it. People are smart to make an exact copy of the bottle and fragrance.

I have bought a perfume from a leading store in Kuwait and I applied it, after 5 hours its dead nobody smells it not even you.
The one i bought from India the application was so intense that even after 24 hours of continuous partying, it still smelled amazing.
I then ran a quick survey in Kuwait from multiple outlets and friends. Lets just say i have proved my point right.
This is my personal opinion.
I also know of a guy who told me "Get me any of your expensive perfumes and I'll make it, just for 1/8th of the original amount, but it wouldn't last long"
Which gets me thinking what are the regulatory's in Kuwait for perfume authentications and sale in these expensive outlets.
commented Jun 10, 2017 by Mark (55,820 points)
Intensity of the perfume is also not a way of recognizing a fake from an original. A perfume isn't original because it lasts longer. There are a variety of factors that could lead to a perfume scent fading quicker on one person than another or one day over another day.

If you buy your perfume from a "leading store", like Beidoun, Va Va Voom or even department stores like Harvey or Debenhams, you're gonna get an original. No need for conspiracy theories.
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