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Herbalife shakes in Kuwait

asked Dec 21, 2016 in Food by MasterBlaster (1,880 points)
Where can I buy Herbalife nutritional shake mix in Kuwait?

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3 Answers

answered Dec 21, 2016 by Mark (60,640 points)
Google is your friend, if you search for herbalife kuwait you get a bunch of responses includes https://www.instagram.com/herbalife_q8/
commented Dec 21, 2016 by MasterBlaster (1,880 points)
Of course I'm the Google King. I found that ig page along with the Facebook and have emailed them too, but no answer. That's why I was hoping for an alternative site or shop. Merry Christmas
answered Feb 5 by Ali
answered Feb 5 by anonymous
Stay far away from that company.  Google pyramid-scheme.  Also watch ‘Betting on Zero’.

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