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Would you recommend Kuwait Airways for long flights?

asked Jan 7 in Activities by anonymous
Direct flight to the States in economy.
I know they 'renovated' but I'm still a bit worried (no offense)
I am mostly looking for comfort really - and the ticket prices are pretty good so that's one con I guess

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3 Answers

answered Jan 7 by anonymous
If you get one of their new aircrafts then it is definitely the best option to go for.

- More legroom for sure.
- Service is pretty similar if not better than others (for an economy ticket).
- You'd save on transit time;  and flight time (if you choose Emirates or Qatar for example where you'd be taking an additional 2 hours fly time minimum).
- Entertainment system is great and up to date. it has less content that others (Emirates) but still great.

Sadly, no guarantee that you'd be getting their new planes. Especially that I don't think Kuwait airways operates their A330s on that route.
answered Jan 7 by Mark (46,770 points)
Does Kuwait Airways still have direct flights to the States? I remember reading the NY flight now stops in Ireland first.
commented Jan 8 by MasterBlaster (1,390 points)
This is correct. You need to pass through Dublin to preclear immigration on route to USA
answered Jan 8 by anonymous
You're never going to find comfort on Economy long haul flights. On any airline.
commented Jan 8 by MasterBlaster (1,390 points)
Emirates or Qatar are excellent options
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