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Who are the guys riding bikes on Gulf Road with flashing lights and music playing?

asked Jan 7, 2017 in Automotive by anonymous
They have cruisers decked up with lights and usually have loud music playing... I see them almost every night. Are they part of a club? Can I join?

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1 Answer

answered Jan 8, 2017 by Mark (54,360 points)
i've seen them as well, either they're a club of some sort of just friends, most likely i think they're just friends. If you've got a cruiser you could probably join them but i have no idea how you'd find them.

I'm assuming you're talking about the touring bikes, the Gold Wings specifically. I searched for gold wing kuwait on instagram and got these accounts, you could start tracking them down from there. Also check with the Honda dealer, if they are a club they might know about them. https://www.instagram.com/alghanimhondakw/

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