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Driving License Theory & Practical Test

asked Jan 8, 2017 in Automotive by anonymous
I cannot find the procedure nor instructions anywhere. I would appreciate if someone could answer a few questions for me:

1. Where can I find sample questions for the Theory test? How long is the test? My colleague said that they ask about the amount for fines etc. which I have no clue about. I thought it's only about signs and road behaviour.

2. My colleague also told me that the Theory test and Practical test are on different days. Is it true? I booked online and it says Nazri but after I pass it, can I give the test on the same day?

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2 Answers

answered Jan 10, 2017 by ashraf
Your colleague is just building it up.

you don't need sample questions for the test. just know the road signs and things like that. they don't ask about fines.

you can give the driving test on the same day as theory test.
commented Jan 12, 2017 by anonymous
I took the test last year and they definitely asked about fines. It was one question though. They also asked about the max speed in malik fahad road (120).

Still, u can get a few questions wrong its fine no one cares. The rest are easy. You can do the nazri test and then the driving test on the same day thats what i and everyone else did.
answered Jan 16, 2017 by GoogleIt
1: Why a sample when you can practice the exact same test?
And yes they do ask about fines so you better get going with that practice I gave you.
2: As soon as you pass (90% min) the Nazri you get to do the practical test.
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