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What restaurants in Kuwait have private cabins?

asked Jan 10 in Personal by anonymous

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5 Answers

answered Jan 10 by anonymous
What are you planning to do?
commented Jan 11 by anonymous
answered Jan 11 by Mark (46,250 points)
Khaybar in Kuwait City
Ceasers in Salmiya
Freej Swaileh but there is no door
commented Jan 11 by anonymous
What do you mean there isn't a door in Freej Swaikeh? Each booth has a door that the waiter knocks on before entering.
commented Jan 11 by Mark (46,250 points)
Ah yeah you're right I was thinking about their "shabab" only floor which are like open booths but the basement and 3rd floor I think have doors on the rooms
commented Jan 12 by anonymous
They definitely have doors in the basement. I am female and go there with my husband so we always go there.

Edit: What's on the 3rd floor? I thought it was only the basement for families and first floor for men only
commented Jan 12 by Mark (46,250 points)
3rd floor is also for families i think
commented Jan 12 by anonymous
Hmm...I should go there and try it out then
answered Jan 11 by anonymous
freej swalieh

skyland in salmiya,
answered Jan 11 by Raz
Oriental - Salmiya
Daawat - Abu Hulaifa
answered Jan 11 by anonymous
Freej Swaileh

Sakura (Crowne Plaza Farwaniya)
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