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Can anyone recommend a good birthday party venue in and around kuwait city/salmiya/salwa area?

asked Jan 18, 2017 in Events by JCT
reshown Feb 1, 2017 by Mark

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2 Answers

answered Jan 18, 2017 by Mark (61,740 points)
commented Jan 18, 2017 by JCT
reshown Feb 1, 2017 by Mark
Hi Mark, thanks for your comment. Let me be more specific. Looking for a birthday venue to host around 100-125 ppl (mostly adults) with a budget of 10kd per person.
answered Jan 19, 2017 by anonymous
Movenpick Al-Bidaa ballroom is designed for 150ppl only. last time I checked, they had a package of 10kd/person.

Holiday inn Salmiya have some adequate rooms as well. but I remember it was more expensive.

A cheaper option would be "International hotel" behind Al-Fanar.
commented Jan 19, 2017 by JCT
reshown Feb 1, 2017 by Mark
Appreciate it. :)
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