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Where can I find a guitar store in Kuwait?

asked Feb 13, 2017 in Hobbies by Brian
The only one I know is Salmeen and I would like to check out a few before I make a guitar purchase. Is there a good list or any hidden gems somewhere in the area?

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2 Answers

answered Feb 14, 2017 by Stanley Road
selected Feb 14, 2017 by Mark
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There are several scattered across Kuwait.  

Salmeen have two stores one in old Salmiya as well as one in the old souk in The Avenues Shopping Mall They stock Ibanez, Epiphone, Takamine and Cort as well as Vox Amps and various pedals / effects.

Al Yousifi also in Old Salmiya stocks Ibanez guitars, Roland Amps, Boss Pedals.

Adawliah has two stores, one in Hawally and one in The Avenues. They stock Fender, Squier, Vantage, and Yamaha guitars as well amps by Fender  and Yamaha.

In all cases the stock is fairly limited and you will struggle if you are looking for high end models.
commented Feb 14, 2017 by Brian
Thanks for the reply. I just thought it might just be better to buy a decent guitar here then try to bring my nice Taylor over from the states.
answered Mar 2, 2017 by Aby
reshown May 4, 2017 by Mark
You can buy Yamaha, Ibanez, Fender, Squier guitars at the Yamaha Store (aDwaliah) at the Grand Avenues.
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