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where can i buy puppies in kuwait? Except adopting from Kspath and the horrible Friday market.

asked Mar 1, 2017 in Animals by paul

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4 Answers

answered Mar 1, 2017 by anonymous
You can find different breed puppies at Pet Square.
answered Mar 2, 2017 by anonymous
I think friday market has stopped selling animals after the russian activist posted a video (check below)
To buy decent ones check 4SALE app,
Also you can check http://kw.fridaymarket.com/pets-animals-in-kuwait-1100

I was really tempted to get this one considering the owner is selling it comparatively low price for its rare breed.

If you do purchase this puppy you have to invite me to play with them :)
answered Mar 7, 2017 by Sandy
Ask for Mahmoud I have personally been to his kennel.
answered Mar 7, 2017 by Ramez
Royal Pet - Beside Pet Zone at Al Rai
Q8 Puppy - Souq Salmiya (City Center Parking)
KARE - adopt at Pet Zone every Friday
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