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Best Internet provider in Mahboula?

asked Mar 3, 2017 in Technology by anonymous

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4 Answers

answered Apr 10, 2017 by anonymous
I have tried only wireless. But out of the three (Ooredoo, Viva, Zain), Zain is the best. I am playing Dota 2. My Dubai server ping is 43 ms, while my India  server ping is 87.

From 11:00 PM to 6:00 PM, the connection slows to a crawl, probably because most of the oil workers return home and use the internet. During Saturdays, when we don't have work, my speed sometimes reaches 3.2 MBPS (25 mbps).

I have downloaded and uploaded several TBs of movies and songs since my subscription.
commented Sep 24, 2017 by Madzkillz
Bro i have 500gb zain..my net is not stable..cant play dota2..
answered May 5, 2017 by anonymous
I'm in Mahboula block 1 and haven't found a solution yet. Zain is usable some of the time but sometimes completely unusable. Viva mostly unusable. Got Oredoo a few months back, that was the same. I had a Mada router for 6 months and that started off slow but then became absolutely fine, no speed issues. But now the company has shut down and has been bought by Zain who havent provided a decent replacement. Unfortunately I only found out about this after my subscription to Mada ended and I couldn't renew! Disaster! I phoned Zain who said that someone from their technical team will phone me in the next 48 hours. I don't have high hopes. It's a real unfortunate that in such a boring country, there is also terrible internet (at least in Mahboula block1). If anyone has different experiences please share. P.s. I'm having trouble submitting this message as the internet cuts out from being too slow!
answered Jun 8, 2017 by Joseph Raphael
any update on this ?
commented Aug 24, 2017 by psmkokkur
I too live in Mahboula and am too trying to subscribe to an internet service. I do have the DSL and its pathetic. Maximum speed is 1 MB. Viva and OOredoo is not stable. There is no range even let alone internet. I heard Zain is good in this area but appreciate if someone can help in confirming this. I will not subscribe to any internet service until I am sure of their speed and quality in Mahboula block 1 area.

Someone please update.

commented Aug 24, 2017 by Joseph Raphael
I took a chance after posting this question and I tried all 3 carriers... decided to go with Zain and it's working great with me so far, all day 2-4 MB but it reaches 21 MB at night after 11 PM.

I live in block 1 as well
commented Aug 26, 2017 by anonymous
I live in block 1 and zain internet is always on and off.  I'm not even able to load web pages at certain times of the day. I have called and talked with them but they have no solution to the problem.  Maybe if enough people switch from zain and they start loosing customers then they will make some changes.  Everyone I know that uses Zain is having this problem with their internet.  Don't waste you hard earned money with this provider till they fix this issue.
commented Aug 26, 2017 by Psm
Today I purchased Zain. They have a better router LTE CAT 11. Till now its working perfect. Tested the the Internet speed and I have got 23 MB download and around 29 to 30 MB upload
commented Aug 27, 2017 by Joseph Raphael
The upload is always high 20mb - 30mb but the download is low most of the day... but NOT crippled like Viva's (30kb/s - 50kb/s)... by slow I mean 3-4 mb as my router is bolt router speed should be at least 10 mb.
answered Dec 2, 2017 by Nathan
LTE CAT 11 router speeds are 29 and 30. I had a HSPA+ Zain router and I put a 4G sim in it and I’m getting 48.78 Mbps down and 34.23 Mbps up. BTW,I live in Khaitan.

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