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can someone explain the process of buying things online from like ebay or amazon? can they ship to kuwait or do i have to pay some type of shipping office to get my order?

asked Mar 6, 2017 in Other by anonymous

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2 Answers

answered Mar 6, 2017 by Mark (65,480 points)
Sometimes sellers can ship to Kuwait, but if they can't then you need a US or UK forwarding mailbox. It's basically a mailbox that sellers can ship to and whatever ends up in that mailbox gets shipped to you here in Kuwait by another courier company.

So usually if a seller can ship to Kuwait it looks something like this:
Seller (Amazon, eBay etc.) >>>>UPS/FedEx/USPS/etc..>>>> Kuwait

If the seller can't ship to kuwait and only offers US shipping then it would look like this
Seller (Amazon, eBay etc.) >>>>UPS/FedEx/USPS/etc..>>>> Forwarding Mailbox (Aramex/MyBox/etc)>>>>Kuwait

head over to www.shopandship.com for more details
answered Mar 7, 2017 by Ramez
if the sellers can send to Kuwait so that would be fine if then using Fedex, DHL or UPS because that would give you the option to deliver the items at your door.
if the shipper/seller will use USPS or any other courier companies, then your package will end up at Huteen post office (no delivery) and you will have to pick it up by yourself.

the other option is to use a forward service such as Aramex shop & ship.
which you can ship your item to Aramex and then it will be forwarded to you.
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