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Schengen Visa (Germany)

asked Mar 12, 2017 in Activities by Charles
I'm visiting Germany via a Schengen Visa from German Embassy. My round trip is Kuwait-Germany (Berlin)-Kuwait, 8 to 10 days. But I am also planning to visit Poland 4 to 5 days and return to Berlin, to board the flight back to Kuwait.

For the visa, they need hotel/accomodation bookings for the entire period of stay. Should this hotel/accomodation bookings be in Germany only or can it be in Germany & Poland??

Please let me know as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards

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3 Answers

answered Mar 12, 2017 by anonymous
To my knowledge and I have done this a few years ago, you can book anywhere in the Schengen area as long as you have all of your stay covered with accommodation and your first entry is the country you're issuing your visa from.
answered Mar 13, 2017 by anonymous
What I would do, I would book a hotel with a free cancellation hotel in Berlin for 8 to 10 days; and I will cancel after I get the visa.

Less headache for me and the embassy.
commented Mar 13, 2017 by Charles
But  isn't it illegal ?
answered Mar 13, 2017 by anonymous
the hotel bookings can be of Germany and Poland it does not matter!!
You have to apply for a schengen visa from that embassy of the country where you will be first entering or the country where you will be staying the most. This is the proper way.

On a side note if you feel that the officer might simply ask a lot of questions and want to get away simply make the entire dummy booking in Germany itself.
commented Mar 13, 2017 by Charles
Thank You!!!! One more thing. If I make a dummy booking in Germany or Poland and if I cancel the booking after issuing the visa will it be a problem ?
commented Mar 15, 2017 by anonymous
No it wont be a problem, Once you get a visa its done and dusted. All the checks the embassy got to do is before issuing the visa

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