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Canon EF 70-300 IS II lens hood

asked Mar 16 in Hobbies by Nicholas Thomas (1,850 points)
Where can i get the Canon  EF 70 - 300 IS II lens hood (ET-74B) in Kuwait? I Checked aab and Lumen store. Neither of them have it.


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2 Answers

answered Mar 16 by Mark (46,250 points)
selected Mar 16 by Nicholas Thomas
Best answer
Did you try the Canon dealer? They're located in Kuwait on the same street as Chili Pepper
commented Mar 16 by Nicholas Thomas (1,850 points)
edited Mar 16 by Nicholas Thomas
Oh Thanks!!! btw do you happend to know the contact no. ? it's not there in the net.
commented Mar 16 by Nicholas Thomas (1,850 points)
I checked it seems like they don't have it.
answered Mar 23 by Abdou George Kandalaft
Have you checked AAB world ?
commented Mar 27 by Nicholas Thomas (1,850 points)
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