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Best baklava?

asked Mar 17 in Food by Nathan
Hi, where can i find great baklava in kuwait? Reasonably priced and if possible packing in a fancy box as it has to be taken abroad to be given as a gift sort of, somewhere in the salmiya area or closeby to salmiya

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2 Answers

answered Mar 19 by anonymous
Hallab is located outside of Marina Mall. They're one of the best and my favorite.
answered Mar 21 by anonymous
I wouldn't go to Abdulrahman Hallab at Marina Mall. I used to LOVE Abdulrahman Hallab in Lebanon and would always bring for people any time I traveled to other countries. The one in Marina Mall is not good. First of all, it's way more expensive than the one in Lebanon. Secondly, the place isn't clean (I saw a fly that was having a vacation in all the baklava and no one said anything). Finally, it was stale. It wasn't as fresh as what you'd get in Lebanon.

I will still buy from the store in general, but not from Kuwait.

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